Our objective was to improve the communication process between a luxury car brand and existing/ potential high-value customers attending a drive event, demonstrate innovative new technology to a client and their customers, and improve event planner support and response times.


Drive event participants have a lot of questions. However, but once they register, they rarely spend the time to read emails, review websites, or even think about the event until just before it starts. The result? At the last minute, event planners are inundated with participant questions— (where to go, when to be there, and what to expect—information the participants have received but not read. And in the business of luxury cars and good, white glove service and customer support is an industry expectation. The ability to communicate through any channel the participant chooses is an operational necessity.

The Event

Every year in August, Monterey Car Week & Concours D’Elegance, thousands of car enthusiasts from around the world come to Monterey, California to see and experience classic, exotic and new cars. Leading luxury brands use this opportunity to connect with this attractive customer segment and share their new product offerings including custom driving experiences.

Our Client

Our client was the leading event planning agency responsible for designing, planning and supporting Monterey Car Week & Concours D’Elegance, a luxury car drive event hosted at a well-known local winery. The agency has a long standing relationship with the luxury car brand and this was just one event, among many, that they support throughout the year. This agency strives to be on the forefront of innovation for their clients. They were looking for a solution that would be easy to execute and would support the mostly male, 40-70 year old customer demographic.

Our Solution

42Chat was chosen because of our Artificial Intelligence (AI) chatbot solution and our experience designing great conversations and experiences for events.



42Chat’s AI Interaction Design team began working with the client five weeks before the event. The client provided basic event details and website information in advance of the first meeting. The 42Chat design team interviewed the client to identify missing event details and conversation topics that participants might ask. The client chose SMS as the conversation channel, because the participant could use regular text messaging to simply ask a question about the event and get an answer back. They named their EventBot “DriveBot”, and gave it a friendly and simple personality.

A working EventBot was delivered prior to the second meeting (held two weeks later). This let the client have time to explore and provide feedback to the design team prior to the event. Working in collaboration, the scope of questions that DriveBot could respond to was increased by 30% and it was trained to handle more than 400,000 questions around 30 core topics.

DriveBot was launched one week prior to the event. Participants learned about the DriveBot through two text messages and an email sent to all registered participants. Individualized drive time reminders were sent to each participant with their specific appointment time and links to details about the car they would be driving. The DriveBot worked 24/7 to respond to any participant request and, as needed, requests for support could be escalated to the event support team for follow-up through text or phone call to the specific customer.

The Results

  • 53% of event participants engaged with DriveBot. Only 0.3% chose to opt-out of notifications.
  • Links to the brand’s website and social media were provided, as well as information about Brand Partner Events that were held at the same venue.

  • Every participant conversation was captured and monitored to identify opportunities to improve and train the DriveBot and participants sent and average of 4.2 messages.

  • DriveBot had a 95.1% success rate in responding successfully to participant texts, meaning the participant was able to immediately get a response to their question and the event support staff did not need to respond.

  • Only 4.9% of the texts were about topics the DriveBot was not trained to answer or needed help from the event support staff.
  • The Most Frequently Asked Questions were about:statsDriveEvent


"We chose the technology to highlight the innovation associated with our client's brand and as a means of improving the guest experience. The overall process was easy, we received tremendous customer engagement, and (because we had a written record of customer requests) actually got great insight into our target customers' needs."

Leon Bakka

Account Director at Centigrade