August 7, 2020

NCBA Case Study

Our Client:

The National Cattlemen’s Beef Association (NCBA) is the marketing and trade organization for America’s cattle farmers and ranchers, making it both the leader and the voice of the beef industry.

The Event:

In late July, the NCBA held its annual Cattle Industry Summer Business meeting in Aurora, Colorado for committee work and to plan for the future.

The Challenge:

With the pandemic causing many events across the nation to cancel, the NCBA wanted to know if there was a way to still meet IN PERSON to discuss the crucial issues of their industry, while doing everything they could to keep their members safe.


The NCBA worked closely with 42Chat to launch their own HealthShield™ —our COVID-symptom screening tool that lets attendees and staff take a three-question symptom survey via text.
HealthShield™ delivered a CDC-compliant, COVID-symptom screening to all attendees that they could complete on their own phone in less than 15 seconds—before they even entered the venue.
Users then took the 3-question survey, and they either receive a valid green check mark to enter, or a red or yellow mark restricting their access or referring them to additional steps prior to entering.


HealthShield™ gave attendees greater confidence in the show’s safety. And it gave the NCBA greater confidence in their safety from liability too. HealthShield complies with federal, state, and local regulations AND provided the NCBA with a record of each symptom survey in the event of an audit.
And by collecting smartphone numbers from attendees before the event, the NCBA then had the capacity to send relevant notifications immediately via text—overflow redirects, changes in the agenda, and more. AND because 98% of texts are open and most are read in less than 5 seconds, the NCBA could be confident that their messages were being seen.
Combined with social distancing measures and mandatory masks,HealthShield™ helped the NCBA execute a safer meeting. The event was so successful that the NCBA plans on combining HealthShield™ with their very own Eventbot, Antonio, to deliver a safer and superior event at their conference in February.
This went so well! Its super-easy to use, and I really liked how I could look at all the data at the end of each day. We are very excited about using it at conference in February.

Uriah Quezada Manager, Meetings & Events
Try HealthShield™ by testing “HSB” to 25525 or go here to learn more.

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