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Uploading Vaccination Documents

Below is a video explaining how to upload your documents as well as a troubleshooting issues that you may come across.

Sending Images Via Text:
The only way to submit a document is through the Upload Tool. You cannot send an image via text.

• Text “Upload” to the bot
• Click the link labeled “Upload Tool”
• A terms and conditions page will appear.  At the bottom of the screen enter your name as your signature and click “I Agree.”
• On the Document Upload screen, select “Choose File”
• Select the “Camera” button to take a photo of your document or select the “Files” button to upload a saved file from your device.
• Take the photo or select the file
• Select the “Submit” button to submit the file
• You will receive a status of “Awaiting Validation.”
• Once your uploaded document has been reviewed, you will receive a text with an updated validation status.

Device Security Error:
Links expire for security purposes. Request a new link by returning to the bot conversation and texting the word “Upload.”
Access Denied or No Response Received from the Chatbot:
This is a carrier level block of text messaging from an 800 number. You can resolve this in 1 of 2 ways.

1. If time permits, user may  call their carrier and ask that the block be removed.
2. Upload your document through your web browser.  Contact event management to request a web link.