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Silicon Slopes - When other tech goes down, Text A.I. Chatbot Felix saves the day!


Silicon Slopes is a nonprofit dedicated to empowering Utah’s burgeoning tech community. Always looking to be on the cutting edge, they were looking for a Text A.I. Chatbot solution to supplement their event app for their biggest annual event.


The 2-day Tech Summit in Salt Lake City brings together the most prominent leaders in the tech industry and draws more than 20,000 attendees. This year’s summit featured both a gubernatorial debate and a keynote from Facebook founder & CEO Mark Zuckerberg.


As THE tech event for all of Utah, Silicon Slopes needs to provide a sleek, sophisticated, and inventive experience for its tech-savvy attendees. This is a high-information group of innovators, investors and more, who expect to have information at their fingertips at all times.


That’s when the unexpected happened. The event app went down, the registration system went down, and the wifi was spotty.

The morning Silicon Slopes Tech Summit opened, attendees found that the event app was not working. Suddenly thousands of people descending on the Tech Summit couldn’t get their badges, access the event agenda or any other event information they might need!

Felix jumped in to help.

Felix had been live prior to, and the morning of, the event answering attendee questions in seconds. Then, as soon as we learned the app was down, we sent out an ad hoc notification to everyone who had registered for the summit with their cell phone number and redirected them towards Felix for everything they would need for a great event experience – including their badge!

We consistently heard ‘you are the only technology working at this tech conference’.


  • Felix responded to 27,019 messages from 6,835 users with 66,288 responses
  • 579 hours of 24/7 real-time attendee support
  • 97.9% Correct Response Rate

Top 5 Inquiry Categories:

  • Agenda
  • Menu
  • Badge
  • WIFI
  • APP


Felix responded to a whopping twenty-seven-thousand messages from nearly seven thousand attendees, with an impressive 98% Correct Response Rate. Ten thousand of those questions came in during the first 3 hours of the event.

Felix kept the event moving. Most people asking Felix questions were looking for the Agenda, their Badge, or the WiFi code. Not only did attendees look for Felix to answer their immediate questions—they came back to the links Felix provided multiple times, proving they found Felix to be a handy resource throughout the event.

Felix received glowing praise for rising to the challenge in the face of the unexpected and keeping the Tech Summit going smoothly. Attendees were happy to return to a seamless event experience. And the client was thrilled—and not only because Felix had acted as a safety net that kept the Tech Summit operating smoothly. With its feature-rich content, Felix proved to the client that a Text A.I. Chatbot could do everything that an app could, with no downloads, logins or WiFi necessary.