Hi, I'm your 42Chat ExhibitorBot

I improve exhibitor experience, lower support costs and increase sales and renewals.

You can use me as your avatar, but most of our clients create their own.

Check out our unique benefits and solutions below!

Unique Benefits

Enhance your brand with a Siri-like event chat experience that includes curated responses via text.

Improve exhibitor satisfaction by providing instant answers and a one-stop shop for questions.

Protect your brand by reaching attendees when they need you most.

Save staff and exhibitor time by providing quick links to sign-ups and status updates.

Multiply your staff's effectiveness by enabling them to focus on the highest-priority needs.

Capture and act on exhibitor needs in real time.

Our Solutions


  • QR code event bots discovery
  • Web and SMS event bot channels
  • Support for multi-day conferences
  • Discovery, event greeting, and emergency notifications

  • Included topics covering program, services, registration, support, getting here, FAQ and about 

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