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AI Chatbots for events

Why AI Chatbots work

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Increase Efficiency

AI Chatbots respond exactly the way you want, every time, to thousands of questions simultaneously. Your staff and volunteers have more time to help attendees achieve their goals.

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Connect Immediately

Participants receive a text message and connect by sending questions to the same number. Easily segment and notify attendees of important announcements, changes, or instructions.

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Attendees love the conversational style and efficiency of chatting with our Chatbots. Our AI Interaction Designers use the principles of intuitive UX, the power of AI, and the strength of concise conversational writing.

"42Chat's team was amazing. An incredibly professional outfit that was able to listen to our needs, understand our problems, and deliver a solution that exceeded expectations."

Nicole Peck

Executive Vice President BizBash Media

Improve the experience

Reduce the friction

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Customized Conversations

Event participants (i.e., attendees, sponsors, speakers) all have different needs. Chatbots can personalize the conversation for a participant based on their role. We are the voice of your data!

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Remind and Alert

Mass or segmented notifications can be scheduled for greetings, feedback requests, and reminders. They can also be sent at any time to alert attendees of changes or emergencies.

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Your Brand, Your Voice

Your AI Chatbot is an extension of your brand and voice. These are reflected in the little details like the name you give your Chatbot and the tone your Chatbot uses to interact with your attendees.

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Quick Feedback

Chatbots can present poll questions, collect the data, and display results to attendees. They can also ask survey questions and report results to event staff. Don’t wait until after the event!

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Return on Investment

Retaining attendees costs less than acquiring new ones. Your Chatbot's interactions with participants are available to view in real-time so you can identify opportunities for improvement.

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Integrated Technology

AI Chatbots can be integrated with your event and registration system platforms, eliminating the need for redundant data entry. Setting up your Chatbot is frictionless and takes weeks not months.

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