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Happier attendees.
More productive staff.
A superior event experience.


Send push notifications in 3 seconds or less with a 95%+ Correct Response Rate.
Send push notifications for just-in-time offers, event announcements, and emergency messages.
Identify each user, including VIPs, and get them the exact information they need.


Our A.I. Chatbot acts as your hardest-working team member, answering attendee questions 24/7/365.
Our suite of enhanced services includes:


Reach attendees where they already are—their cellphones—through SMS text, web messaging, and many other channels.
No downloads. No scrolling or clicking. If your attendee has a cell phone, they can use an A.I. Chatbot.

Put answers right at attendees' fingertips:

When does the show floor open?
Where is the Keynote?
What is the WiFi info?

Our A.I. Chatbots can answer these questions and hundreds more over text. It’s a simple, intuitive and powerful solution.

Choose the Conference Chatbot that best meets your event's needs


Perfect for smaller, multi-day events


Add a website bot and serve even more attendees

ConferenceBot Premium

For the largest events, add a third channel and serve even more attendees
“Rover helped our attendees have a great experience AND our onsite staff to deliver a great experience. Attendees got their thousands of questions answered quickly and accurately, and because of that our event staff was better able to focus on their highest value service activities.”

Tracy Corvert

Director of Marketing & Technology

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