Product Specific Terms

42Chat Product Specific Terms

Valid from July 28, 2022


The 42Chat Product Specific Terms are intended to highlight additional terms regarding the us of our different products. The Product Specific Terms form part of the 42Chat Client Terms of Service (the “CTOS”) and are hereby incorporated therein.

If you are using any of the product(s) or service(s) described below, the terms corresponding to those product(s) apply to your use. We periodically update this page by posting a revised copy at, so please check back here for current information.


Single use products include ConferenceBots, ExhibitorBots, ConcertBots, FestivalBots, GradBots, MeetingBots, TourneyBots, VirtualEventBots, and other products used to support live or virtual events. Subscription products are provided under annual contracts and include Alumni Subscriptions, Association Subscriptions, Conference Subscriptions, Concert Subscriptions, Festival Subscriptions, Tourney Subscriptions, and other product subscriptions used to provide year round support and engagement for organizations and events.

EventBot Subscriptions include three individual conversation modes: Marketing, Registration, and Event Modes deployed one time per annual 12-month period. Other Subscription products have individual topics that are updated throughout the year. All Subscription products include the ability to send text messages to opted-in users throughout the year.

The following fees are billed and due prior to the Chatbot Subscription Term:

  • Chatbot Subscription Fee for the creation, deployment and monitoring of the bot and optional feature packages and personalized messaging setup
  • Chatbot User Subscription Fee for the number of authorized Chatbot Users
  • Prepaid Per Use Fee for each, or a set number of uses, of a feature or service
  • Prepaid Messaging Fee to obtain discounted messaging rates
  • Support Fee setup for the optional support services to be provided
  • Custom Development Fee for the creation of custom topics, website and tools
  • Custom Integration Fee for the integration with non-standard systems

The following fees are invoiced at the completion of the event, each month for subscription products, or at the completion of the Chatbot Subscription Term, as specified in the Order.

  • Chatbot User Fee for each additional Chatbot User in excess of the Chabot User Limit specified in the Order. 
  • Per Use Fee for each additional use in excess of the included or Prepaid Per Use Fee for a given product or service as defined in the Order.
  • Per Messaging Fee in excess of the included or Prepaid Messaging Fee Limit as specified in the Order. 
  • Support Usage Fee for the hourly or usage quantity as specified in the Order.
  • Custom Development, integration, manual data entry, and bot rebuild fees for work not specified in the original Order will be billed at $150 per hour, in thirty minute increments and with a minimum fee of $75.
  • Live Date Change Fee for a Client requested and 42Chat approved change in the Live Date billed at 25% of the Subscription Fee. 


HealthShield products include those products that are used to provide health symptom screening, management, and reporting to Client Users and can be provided as a standalone product or as an add-on to another product.  

HealthShield is offered for informational purposes to help Client users check for COVID-19 symptoms or possible exposure as outlined by the United States Centers for Disease Control. The guidance provided by the tool is determined by each Client and depends upon the accuracy of the information Client Users provide as well as current guidelines for identifying symptoms associated with COVID-19. 

Based on Client Users self-reported answers, the tool will provide a response as determined by the Client. HealthShield is not a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment of disease or other conditions, including COVID-19. Client Users should always consult a medical professional for serious symptoms or emergencies.

The Client User Data collected by HealthShield is considered Sensitive Data and secured using industry standard best practices as described in Appendix 2 to the Data Processing Agreement.

For Clients paying by credit card, the following fees are billed to the Client’s credit card that is on file for the account as follows:

  • HealthShield Product Subscription Fee is charged at the start of the Chatbot Subscription Term. When a Client upgrades to a higher priced product subscription level either manually, or automatically as a result of usage, then the Product Subscription Fee will be prorated for the current Chatbot Subscription Term. All subsequent billings will be charged at that higher priced product subscription level until changed or canceled by the Client. Canceled subscriptions remain active through the end of the then current Chatbot Subscription Term and as such, refunds for early cancellation are not provided.
  • HealthShield Number of Admin Users, Number of Screening Managers, and Number of Groups (Departments, Teams, Locations, Classrooms, etc.) are charged at the start of the Chatbot Subscription Term. When a Client exceeds the number of paid for Admin Users, Screening Managers and Groups, then they will be charged for the additional quantity used on a prorated basis for the current Chatbot Subscription Term. All subsequent billings will be charged at that higher quantity level until changed or canceled by the Client.
  • HealthShield High Speed Phone Number Fee is charged at the start of the Chatbot Subscription Term.
  • HealthShield Screenings are sold as buckets at a specified quantity and price for each bucket. The larger the bucket, the higher the number of screenings and the lower the price per screening. The buckets must be purchased in advance. By default, once the number of unused screenings reach 10% of the previously purchased bucket, a new bucket is automatically charged using the previously purchased bucket size. Client’s may change their reorder bucket reorder percent and size at any time.
  • HealthShield Notification Messages are Chatbot Messages sent through the HealthShield product, must be purchased in advance and are sold in blocks of 1,000 messages. Once the number of unused messages reach 10% of the prior purchase quantity, then a new block of messages for the same quantity is automatically charged. Client’s may change their reorder point and the quantity of messaging blocks purchased upon reorder at any time.
  • A HealthShield Setup Fee is charged for custom deployments of the HealthShield product and is charged at the start of the project.  


Secure Document Upload and Storage Products allow Client Users to securely upload pdf and image files. Upon successful upload, Client Users receive a “Successful Upload” notification with a “Waiting” validation status. Clients with admin credentials can view uploaded files and mark the document either validated or rejected. A rejection explanation must be provided by the reviewer and will be sent to the Client User. 42Chat can schedule pre-event notifications to each user who has uploaded a document with a link to check their upload status. Users can also text “upload” at any time to see their status. 42Chat can send notifications to those who have not uploaded a document.  

When the Client User Document includes vaccine or other medical information, the data is considered Sensitive Data and secured using industry standard best practices as described in Appendix 2 to the Data Processing Agreement and with the following additional security controls:

  • Storage. Files are stored in Amazon s3 and documents are stored in a private Bucket for each bot deployment. When uploading to s3, data is encrypted server side using Amazon's SSE-KMS encryption.
  • Access. In the Uploads admin tool, files are previewed via a signed url, this url is provided by our API only and signed by Amazon with an expiring time of less than 24 hrs, after which the expired link is no longer useable.
  • Download. Currently there's no download access to the files.
  • Decommission. When a Client bot is decommissioned, it's s3 Bucket and all Personal Data is permanently deleted within 30 days of decommissioning.