Text-based Covid Symptom Screening
for Events.

Text-based Covid Symptom Screening for Events, Schools, Sports, Gyms, Churches, and more! Re-open safely and easily and in compliance with new regulations!


Ensures every person entering your business attests to their current health status.


Reduces legal liability and PR risk while complying with regulations.


Provides screening information before people arrive.


Affordable subscriptions and volume discounts.

As easy as 1..2..3

Receive a text (or instructions to text a number) to get a link to a CDC-compliant Covid-19 Survey.

They take a 3-question survey. Then they receive either a simple green or red response. All data is recorded for easy regulatory compliance.

Participants need to present a valid green checkmark from their phone to participate

Those with a red mark are restricted and referred to additional steps.

Results right on your smartphone.

“Using the HealthShield tool, more than 3,500 families are able to send a text, take a survey, and symptom screen every day before practice and games – using their own phones!”

Colin Madsen

Intermountain Lacrosse Boys Youth Director

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