Curated Conversational A.I. Solutions that Work at Scale NOW

  • Designed, customized and ready to deploy within a few weeks
  • Immediate 95% Correct Response Rate
  • Fast, accurate answers -  not a frustrating experience
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42Chat’s Proprietary Platform Delivers
Conversational A.I. Chat Bots with


Second Response Time

over text (instantly over web) with nothing to download


Correct Response Rate

fully trained and monitored


Read Rate

reach your community when they need you most

Group 5898

Curated responses that enhance
and protect your brand

Group 5897

Automatic opt-in and first-party data access to your community

Built for you by conversation
design and AI chat bot experts

How We're Different

Curated Conversational A.I. Chat

Like Apple’s Siri, we use conversational A.I. at 42Chat to create bots that users want to engage with to receive the curated information, answers and support they need.

Fully Trained and Customized For You

While our competitors use email and apps, we create a 1:1 connection over text - the only channel with a 98% read rate.
And since we do the heavy lifting, our bots are ready to scale.